The Victorian Kitchen
Purveyors of the finest jams, chutneys and cheese, lovingly made in the westcountry

Welcome to our website, we are proud to offer you a range of our award winning preserves crafted in the Devonshire countryside. Sourcing the finest ingredients, our preserves are made without additives, in small batches, to ensure superb flavour. They are to be enjoyed by all lovers of fine food, including Vegetarians and Vegans. All are Gluten free except Real Ale Chutney and Lactose Free except Lemon Curd.

You will find us many events around the country during the year, do have a look at our show page.
We have won many awards for our preserves because we maintain an ethos of traditional quality,
we hope you enjoy them.

If you would like to stock our range or require catering tubs please contact us with your requests

Victorian Kitchen Finest Jams